Paternity of Amber Portwood's Baby Called Into Question on 'Teen Mom OG'

Fans of Teen Mom OG have called the paternity of Amber Portwood's upcoming baby into question, [...]

Fans of Teen Mom OG have called the paternity of Amber Portwood's upcoming baby into question, forcing the star to defend the time line of her pregnancy. The controversy reached a boiling point on Monday.

The episode dug into the paternity question, questioning everyone in Portwood's circle of friends and exes. Portwood's due date was identified as May 13, which means that conception likely took place around Aug. 20. Doing the math, many people started wondering whether that could mean that Portwood's ex, Matt Baier, was the father.

That includes Gary Shirley, Portwood's ex and the father of her daughter. He felt that Portwood and Glennon simply couldn't have been together long enough to have conceived a child.

"It had to be within a week of them hanging out," Shirley speculated to his wife. "Hopefully it's not Matt's!"

His wife was curious as well, saying, "I think there was a break between Matt and Andrew. I think. I don't know."

The couple agreed that no matter what, Portwood and Glennon are taking things a little too fast.

"They don't realize, 'Do I really like this person?' Does he really like her?" Shirley wondered. "I hope Amber realizes what she's getting into."

Portwood couldn't ignore the story either. She insisted that Glennon is the father, but on Twitter, fans sent her a bit of calendar evidence. One fan sent her screen shots showing her due date, her estimated date of conception, and an article announcing her split from Baier. The article was dated Aug. 23, 2017. Portwood addressed this in a reply.

"Me and Matt broke up in May [laugh out loud]," she tweeted.

According to RadarOnline, Baier has a geographical alibi for the pregnancy. The outlet spoke with sources close to Portwood, who told them there is no way this baby is Baier's.

"That would be physically impossible," the insider said. "They broke up and he moved to Las Vegas on Jul. 3. The baby had to be conceived in August. She never came to visit him in August."