Exclusive: Alison Sweeney Reveals Her Thoughts on a 'Biggest Loser' Reboot

Years after leaving The Biggest Loser behind, former host and actress Alison Sweeney thinks America needs to focus on health and wellness more now than ever before.

When asked if she would be game for a reboot of the reality show during an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, the Days of Our Lives actress didn't sign her name on the dotted line, but said her interest in staying healthy and helping others to do so too didn't end when she announced that she would be exiting the show in 2015.

"I'll tell you what. It's a subject that's so important, and I find myself obsessed with these documentaries about health and wellness and what's going on with humans in general. Netflix is doing a great job to educate everybody, "she told PopCulture. "I find myself fascinated with how much things have changed since I was a part of that show, and what's going on now. I think there's lots of new information out there and people need guidance more than ever."

As the mother of two children, 13-year-old Benjamin and 9-year-old Megan Sanov, whom she shares with husband David Sanov, the Opportunity Knocks author makes health a priority in her household, even when it comes to her pets, dogs Ozzy and Bean. That's why she teamed up with Royal Canin for the Fight the Beg campaign, which helps people to fight pet obesity through diet and exercise.

AS Holding Dogs
(Photo: Michael Simon)

"I've had dogs my entire life, which I am so appreciative of," Sweeney told PopCulture. "It really was an important part of my childhood that my mom really brought both my brothers and I into being responsible for my dogs and taking them on walks. She raised us to be animal lovers and be responsible dog owners, so that's always been a part of my life. We wanted to do the same thing for our kids."

She added that what often feels like a loving action for one's pet can actually turn out to make them unhealthy in the long run.

"It's really important to help [people] be aware that giving [pets] treats and table scraps and all that really is unhealthy to our pets that we love so much," Sweeney said.

So while a Biggest Loser might not be in the cards just yet, Sweeney and her family are dedicated to keeping their furry family members slim and healthy through a number of simple tips.


"Health and wellness is just something we all should keep talking about and not give up on," she said. "It's funny, because it's so simple. It's kind of the way you take care of yourself — portion control, measuring out the recommended feeding amount, talking to your vet about what's healthiest for your pet ... and exercise."

Photo credit: Michael Simon