'Alaskan Bush People' Son Shares Sweet Memory of Late Dad Billy

Bear Brown continues to pour out his emotions on social media. The Alaskan Bush People star is still mourning the loss of father Billy Brown, recovering from a breakup with baby mama Raiven Adams and he's also dealing with all the typical issues we all face everyday.

While some fans are worried for Bear and he has posted some strange happenings in recent weeks, his latest post is refreshing. Posting a photo of a plush Link from Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Brown shares a touching story about his family and his late father.

"When I was a kid back in Alaska and we'd get blown in by storms while we'd wait for them to blow over, it was video game time!" Brown wrote in the caption. "One of my all time favorite games was the Legend of Zelda, Da would control and we'd all sit around and watch! Those were some great memories! I miss those times and I miss my dad!"

If he's talking Wind Waker, it is definitely a nice alternative to the freezing cold. Still, it's pretty endearing to read that the entire family would sit and enjoy the activity.

Video games haven't been on the menu for Brown prior to this post, however. While dipping toes into the melodramatic, Bear has lamented the end of his relationship and the loss of his father in semi-public view. While his Instagram is private, reports and comments from followers make their way out.

After his Father's Day post, Brown posted a cryptic post describing himself and comparing his feelings to a lifeless plant busting through concrete. While Brown was seemingly in the dumps, fans wouldn't let him fall too far.

"What I see in this picture is how strong that little plant is to overcome the odds, and you are the same. You're resilient and will continue to grow no matter how difficult it may be, stand strong, proud and, continue to be you and keep fighting the good fight. God bless you," a fan wrote in the comments of the post.


The same type of outpouring followed his comment on his breakup with Adams and the somewhat puzzling photo of himself in the shower wearing a full tux. He added that the split "definitely hurt my heart" but still felt it was a positive close to the relationship.