'Alaskan Bush People' Daughter's Comments About Relationships Cause Commotion

Alaskan Bush People's youngest cast member Rain Brown spit some controversial relationship advice on Saturday, leaving fans divided on her fitness to give it.

The 15-year-old gave her take on love and friendship in a post for Instagram followers in her traditional "#rainspiration" fashion. The reality TV cast member preached about going "above and beyond" for a partner after sharing the quote, "I'll never clip your wings baby. If you want to fly then spread your wings and fly. I don't love to take ownership. I love to connect."

"I've seen too many relationships that this doesn't apply to," Brown began in the lengthy caption. "If you love someone you should treat them exactly how you want them to treat you… But along with treating them how you wish to be treated go above and beyond."

Billy and Ami Brown's daughter, who has shared relationship and life advice in the past, said there's only one way not to "fail" in love.

"Everyone wants to be shown love and understanding, so be there for the one you love lift them up cherish them, and most importantly UNDERSTAND and accept them for who they are and what they need and want," she continued. "The world has too much jealously hate and judgement already without you adding to it, be kind strong loving and accepting. And I promise you, you will not fail."

Many fans praised the reality personality for being wise beyond her years, but one man wasn't as impressed with her deep thoughts.

"And you are how old?" a commenter criticized. "And how many relationdhips [sic] have you had. You need to stay with posts you can relate to!"

An army of Alaskan Bush People fans came to Brown's side, slamming the critical follower for judging the young girl.

"And you should read better. She said she saw not she had," one fan stood up for her. Another added, "You need to take your negativity elsewhere."

"You do realize that not all relationships are romantic ones right?" another commenter wrote, suggesting that Brown's advice could be applied to different sorts of relationships. "I mean seriously, what about family and friends, those are relationships as well. For 15, she is wise beyond her years!"

Brown also replied to the harsh commenter, writing, "Judging people is a very ugly habit."


"Thats not a judgement, its a observation. After all you and your lovely family are public figures," he replied.

Brown clapped back swiftly and got the last word on the subject of her love life: "Even if I was in a relationship I'm 15 not 9 I'm a teenager not a child."