'Alaskan Bush People's Rain Brown Posts Photo About 'Pain' and 'Suffering'

Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown shared an inspiring message on Instagram Wednesday, offering some words of advice to anyone feeling pain and raked in more than 2,600 likes and hundreds of comments. The reality TV star offered a helping hand to anyone who "feels like giving up."

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Brown, 16, shared a quote from lovesagame.com, reading, "Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional." She added a long, emotional caption to the post, which did not have a section for comments.

"To anyone that feels like giving up: some days you feel defeat. You try so hard, you get strong and motivated and after all of your efforts you're once again let down," Brown wrote. "Pain is something not many will talk about. Pain of the past, pain of the present, and fear of pain in the future. Let me tell you now you are being too hard on yourself. Your efforts didn't fail. Your motivational tactics still work. You're still strong. But sometimes things fail. Not because of us, but just because that's the way it's meant to be."
Brown noted that it can be difficult to look back on one's mistakes, but it is still useful.

"We all have pain but suffering is something we control. So when you think about giving up, think to yourself, 'What would happen if I didn't?' The answer is, you will never know if you do. You can give up anytime. What's the rush?" Brown continued. "Let's see what tomorrow brings together."

In the end, Brown thanked fans for reading another of her inspirational Wednesday posts. She added the hashtags "stay strong" and "stay happy."

Over the years, Brown has been open about her battle with depression and frequently shares inspirational quotes on her Instagram page. In April, she thanked her family for being by her side to help her through some of the darkest days in her life.

"Life is about purpose. Change. Chance. Love. Hard work. And most of all, God," Brown wrote on Instagram, along with a picture of a heart-shaped chunk of snow. "I'm so grateful that I get to spend my life with my incredible family in the bush of a beautiful state."

Brown went on to write, "I never thought I would feel like I do now again. I thought my happiness was over, little did I know it was only beginning. With a full heart and tears in my eyes, I want to say, Thank you. thank you For allowing me to thrive and be myself, and most of all thank you for supporting my family's hard work all these years. I can't wait to share more of our lives with you. Here's to freedom lovely's, cheers."

Earlier this week, Brown shared adorable photos of herself with her dog Jackson and announced she was launching an Instagram page just for him.

Brown and the rest of her family are still getting used to their new home in the Pacific Northwest. The family had to move to the continental U.S. so matriarch Ami Brown could continue to receive treatment after battling stage IV lung cancer. However, as chronicled on their show, the family has already built up their homestead and is settling in.

Alaskan Bush People's ninth season aired in March and only ran six episodes. The show was reportedly renewed for a 10th season, but it is not clear when it will debut.