'Alaskan Bush People' Star Opens up About Life Challenges in Wake of Father Billy Brown's Death

Alaskan Bush People star Gabe Brown returned to Instagram for the first time in weeks Sunday, sharing a new poem about the challenges of life, alongside a reddish selfie. The post comes at a trying time for the Brown family, as patriarch Billy Brown died in February. Billy and Ami Brown's eldest son Matt Brown also made headlines in April for accusing his parents of stealing his money. Matt also criticized the way Alaskan Bush People producers portrayed him on the show.

"Behind my eyes, there's a place I know, filled with dreams from long ago, where there's shadows of sunsets, and the autumn [leaves] blow, there's a rocking chair by a fire where sometimes I go, to stare out of the windows from inside my soul," Gabe, 31, wrote early Sunday. "You may see me from time to time, gazing off into the distance like I'm out of my mind, it's because I am, maybe you should be too, when the world we carry gets too heavy, or our feet are too small for our shoes, take a break from your trouble, go take a rest, chat with an old friend to get things off your chest, or relax for a while, and just catch your breath."

"You have to grow up in this life that we live, but never forever because inside we're all still just kids," Brown concluded. He added the hashtag "Love like God." It was his first post since May 8, when he shared another poem, in which he wrote about wondering if someone will be there for him when he feces struggles.

Gabe's latest poem earned plenty of praise and support from his fans. "Gabe that doesn't sound crazy. It sounds like something that keeps you sane. It's a lovely poem. You are very gifted," one wrote. "Such a beautiful message," another wrote. "Love this! That's right, only our bodies ages... Inside we are just kids," another commented.

A few fans brought up the situation with Matt, 37, suggesting Gabe reach out to him and forgive him. Back on April 11, Matt shared a nine-minute video, in which he claimed he didn't "have any money" and "hardly" has "anything to eat." He also claimed the Alaskan Bush People producers had a role in his substance abuse issues. He accused producers of giving his parents drugs, including cocaine, during filming. Matt claims he was given drugs as well, and this led him on a downward spiral that included alcoholism, addiction, and an affair with a married woman.


"We made a lot of money off the show, and because my dad controlled everything, all the money went to him... I didn't have any money or anything. My dad kept that all," Matt claimed. He accused his father of stealing about $360,000 he should have earned. Later in the video, he claimed one of his siblings was being "pushed to the edge of sanity" by the show, but did not reveal which brother. In the end, Matt asked his followers if they knew any good lawyers.

While the Discovery Channel has not commented on Matt's allegations, his younger brother Bear Brown, 33, denied any truth to what Matt said. "I would like to set the record straight about the things my older brother has posted, none of it is true!" Bear wrote. "It's heartbreaking that he would say such horrible lies about Da just a few months after he passed away! I pray he can find the peace and serenity in his life that he needs. God bless everyone