'Alaskan Bush People': Bird Brown Surgery Decision Creates Emotional Moment

Alaskan Bush People Season 14 had a tense start during the October premiere. The premiere revealed that Amora Snowbird "Bird" Brown needed surgery to remove pre-cancerous tumors from her ovaries. It has led to some emotional moments as the season continued, with Bird's mother writing her a letter that packed some emotion, and delivered some clarity. The bad news came after she was rushed to the hospital. Her doctors revealed she would need a hysterectomy to completely remove the chance of a cancerous tumor growing in the future.

Bird, 27, was suffering from stomach pains for a week. Her doctors said she had a precancerous tumor in her body that needed to be removed. A cystic tumor took over her abdomen, with fluid surrounding it. Her doctor told her it was not cancer now, but she has a higher than 50% chance of a cancerous tumor developing. The only way to bring that down to a zero percent chance would be to have a full hysterectomy.

Viewers saw Bird crying in the hospital bed, with her sisters there to support her. "I know that God has a plan," Bird told the cameras, reports Reality Tid Bit. "As scary as this is, but when looking down and knowing that's a tumor, it's hard not to worry about it. I hate to admit but I just can't quit crying, because I just don't know anymore."

The full Discovery Channel production team could not be in the hospital to film the procedure due to COVID-19 safety protocols, but her mother Ami Brown, and younger sister Rain Brown filmed with their phones. The footage revealed that Bird had two tumors removed, including one that weighed eight pounds. Her doctors did not remove her uterus and ovaries at this time. If Bird chooses to have a hysterectomy in the future, she would be unable to have children herself.

After the episode aired, Alaskan Bush People fans flooded the show's Instagram page to send Bird well-wishes. "Such a hard choice for a young woman to have to make. Sending prayers," one person wrote. "Prayers and love to Bird!! This happened to me and my daughter. Keep your head up! Your dad is watching over you," another commented. "Very heartbreaking episode. Praying for her health and the doctors guiding her through this hard time," another wrote.


The Brown family has been through several surprising dramas over the past few years. Ami battled lung cancer, which has been in remission since 2018. Her cancer fight led the family to move to Washington State, where their home was ravaged by a wildfire in August 2020. In February 2021, the family was struck by a sudden tragedy when patriarch Billy Brown died at age 68 after suffering a seizure.

Alaskan Bush People Season 14 airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Discovery. The show is also available to stream on Discovery+.