'Alaskan Bush People' Star Billy Brown's Estate, Will Revealed

Alaskan Bush People star Billy Brown reportedly did not have a will before his death in early [...]

Alaskan Bush People star Billy Brown reportedly did not have a will before his death in early February. His widow, Ami Brown, will oversee the Discovery Channel star's estate. Brown died on Feb. 7, after suffering a seizure at the Brown family home in Washington state. He was 68.

Washington court papers obtained by The Sun revealed that Brown did not sign a will before he died, leaving Ami, 57, to request to be the personal representative of his estate. Ami said there was "no valid will" discovered, according to the documents. She listed Brown's assets as $439,000, with $415,000 of that in real property for four parcels of land. She also noted that Brown had $2,000 saved in a Wells Fargo bank account. His furniture and other household items are worth $10,000, while his livestock was valued at $12,000. Brown also owed $27,000 in medical bills. Overall, his estate was valued at $412,0000.

The documents in the probate case also confirmed Brown's official cause of death as probably cardiac arrest, congestive heart failure, and coronary artery disease. Emphysema, seizures, and tobacco use also contributed to his death. On Feb. 7, an Alaskan Bush People crew member called 911 at 4:13 p.m. to report Brown was "not breathing," according to a police report obtained by The Sun. Brown's son Bear Brown called the crew member because he could not get through to police first. When a sheriff's deputy arrived at the scene, he was told Brown was "unresponsive and had stopped breathing." They attempted CPR, but Brown could not be revived. The Sheriff's office said Brown died at home before he could be taken to a hospital.

Bear and the Discovery Channel announced Brown's death on Feb. 8. Since then, Bear has shared several tributes to his father, including a heartbreaking message on Valentine's Day. "Remembering my Dad! I love and miss him very much! My life will never be the same without him! Love you more, [Dad]," Bear wrote, alongside a photo of Brown with Ami.

Discovery aired a tribute episode on Feb. 28, in which Brown's children shared their fondest memories of their father. His oldest daughter, Snowbird, recalled how Brown often read to the family, a tradition she will "miss the most." Bear said he will "always remember that about my dad and I will greatly miss the times we had and the times we won't have again. But it will always be in my heart and I will always cherish those memories."

Brown's youngest daughter, Rain Brown, also shared a heartbreaking statement on Instagram, alongside a photo of herself with her parents. "I lost a true friend. Not forever, but only in this world," Rain wrote. "Please hold my family in your thoughts and prayers, especially my mother. Please hold your family tight for me. Words cannot express how wonderful he was and is. But I will say, the closest thing to an angel I've ever known. God bless you da I love and miss you dearly. You will always be my hero. God bless everyone."