'Alaskan Bush People': Bear Brown's Pregnant Girlfriend Raiven Deletes Instagram Over Troll Abuse

Raiven Adams, the pregnant girlfriend of Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown has deleted her Instagram page for good. Adams was frequently badgered by Internet trolls constantly asking about her life, despite making her Instagram page private at one point. Her decision to completely leave the social network followed Brown's plea to stop sending her messages.

Adams' Instagram page now shows the usual Instagram error message.

"Sorry, this page isn't available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. Go back to Instagram," the message reads.

It appears that Adams deactivated the account Sunday morning, notes The Blast.

On Oct. 10, Brown posted a message on his own Instagram page, which is also private, begging his fans to stop constantly sending negative messages to Adams and disrespecting her. He also asked trolls to stop asking her to take a paternity test.

"Everybody! Please stop sending Raiven disrespectful messages," he wrote. "She's is going through enough without naysayers spreading gossip! Raiven is pregnant with my child! We've been living in the same house for a while!"

He continued, "I don't need some test to know this little miracle is mine! It is completely 100% impossible for it not to be given the time frame! So please remember if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all! Raiven is the love of my life please show her the respect she deserves! And to everyone out there who has been so supportive! Thank you! Stay AWESOME!"

Adams and Brown met last year at his brother Noah Brown's wedding, where Adams' mother was working as the photographer. They announced their engagement on Aug. 28 and broke up two weeks later.

When announcing her decision, Adams cited the "drama" and "harassment" she faced as her reasons for ending her relationship with a celebrity.

"It's been a long battle for me to decide what I should do," Adams wrote on Instagram. "What I should say... I think this life is to much for me [sic]. The drama, the articles, the harassment. The mean people who have nothing better to do."

"And due to that, and Several other reasons me and bear have decided to stay friends [sic]. Sometimes two people are meant to be in each other's life.... but not the way they thought. Wishing the wolf pack all of the best luck on every adventure," she continued.

Two days after the breakup announcement, Adams said she was pregnant. On Oct. 1, the couple got back together.

"Hey everybody out there, I wanted to let you all know that Raiven and I decided to give it another shot," Brown told fans on his Instagram page. "After having been separated for a little bit, we found we still had feelings for each other. So we're going to give it another try. Thank you everybody out there. Stay awesome and God bless."


Photo credit: Discovery Channel