Alana 'Honey Boo Boo' Thompson Breaks Down Over 'Mama June' Possibly Overdosing

Alana 'Honey Boo Boo' Thompson couldn't hide her emotions when coming face-to-face with 'Mama [...]

Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson couldn't hide her emotions when coming face-to-face with "Mama June" Shannon for the first time after her mother completed her stint in rehab amid her struggles with substance abuse. In a sneak peek of Friday's Mama June: Road to Redemption, the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo alum and sister Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon reunite with Mama June following her treatment, and they don't hold back sharing the impact her addiction has had on them.

"You don't know how many nights I cry myself to sleep just hoping and praying that you don't overdose," Alana says through sobs as her mom begins to tear up as well. Lauryn, who cared for her little sister after their mom began down a dangerous path, adds, "I can't give Alana her mom. It's like I'm drowning." The preview ends with Lauryn's husband suggesting Alana go visit her father, but June tells boyfriend Geno Doak she thinks the meeting "could be a disaster."

Lauryn opened up about the emotional reunion with her mother to TooFab in March, explaining how difficult it was for her to take on the role of mother to her little sister while her own mom admittedly spent $1 million in a year on drugs. "When we meet this time on the show, it had be a year since we had physically seen her," Lauryn shared. "So that's hard to hear. I mean it really is, knowing that — not trying to sound mean and not trying to sound money hungry — but to know that me and Josh were struggling trying to do everything we could to keep a roof over Alana's and [daughter] Ella's head. It's just like, but you were out here blowing a million dollars and you couldn't help me?'"

Still, Lauryn said she still doesn't think June "fully understands the problems she left behind" for her kids to handle. "It's very tough because somebody who was supposed to be there and supposed to be supportive, it just doesn't seem that way," she shared. "I've done all these things and I've matured as a woman and now I gotta take the consequences and I wasn't even the addict." Lauryn continued that it simply wasn't just caring for her sister for a year, it was handling "marriage problems" brought about by the "whole uproar" in everyone's life. "It's just like, she sees it, but she doesn't see it," she added of her mother. Mama June: Road to Redemption airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on WE tv.