'90 Day Fiance' Spinoff 'Love in Paradise: The Caribbean' Exclusive Sneak Peek Shows Daniel Admitting His Lie to Amber

Amber might not be feeling the tropical heat, but it's her boyfriend Daniel who is in hot water when it comes to what he's been telling her about his employment status. In a PopCulture exclusive sneak peek of discovery+'s new 90 Day Fiancé spinoff Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, the Costa Rica native admits he's feeling "a little bit nervous" even after a great night with Amber because he's been keeping from her a huge secret.

Amber is completely clueless about what her long-distance boyfriend has been keeping from her, but admits the Costa Rica climate is not an option for the long term. "I would never live in Costa Rica," she tells the camera. "I can't enjoy myself while I'm sweating. I don't like being without air conditioning and the bugs. I mean, it's great to visit, but it's also great to leave."

Asking Daniel how work is going as they work on the visa process to move him to the U.S., he's reticent to answer. "Did you ask your boss if you could have a couple of days off since I'm here?" Amber asks, to which Daniel coyly responds, "Well, actually I have a lot of [days] off." When Amber excitedly replies, "You do?" Daniel realizes it's time to break the big news to her.

"I don't know how to tell you without [you getting] mad but, um... I quit my job," he shares. Amber is shocked at the news, answering him, "You're quitting...You're quitting your job?" Daniel insists that he had to quit his job to have more time to fill out the visa paperwork, even as Amber tells him she's "not OK" with that new development.

"You need money to get to America. You need money to pay for your rent until you do," she tells him. Daniel responds, "I know, but you, you told me over the phone a couple days ago If I don't have the [paperwork] when you come here, you want to think about the relationship." When Amber retorts that she didn't mean for him to quit his job, he insists that he isn't able to get everything together and work.


"So do you have the paperwork then? Have you started... did you call? Did you go to the cities that you needed to go to that you tell me that you need to?" Amber asks him, looking exasperated when he replies, "No, I haven't [done] that any still (sic)." Love in Paradise: The Caribbean streams every Sunday on discovery+.