'90 Day Fiance' Star Reveals How the Show Is Really Made

One of the individuals who has appeared on 90 Day Fiancé is sharing some behind-the-scenes [...]

One of the individuals who has appeared on 90 Day Fiancé is sharing some behind-the-scenes secrets about the show. According to InTouch Weekly, Stephanie Davison, who appeared on Season 8 with her ex, Ryan Carr, shared some details about what really goes on when the reality show films. Davison even said that she had to learn "the game very quickly" when she was on the show.

Davison explained that when a couple is cast for the show, they are assigned producers (labeled as "independent contractors") who follow them along in their daily routines. The reality star claimed that the producers try to make certain storylines appear more dramatic for the sake of the show. Additionally, she also claimed that the production team tries to make certain situations appear more intense by actually giving the individuals directions while filming is taking place.

"My first one, you know, he would be like, 'OK, now say this and be really sad about it.' And then the same exact situation, he goes, 'Now say it and be happy.' And, and so he wanted several different ways of it being said. Cause then, you know, the editors and the executives, they have plenty to pick from," Davison said. "I then, after then working with two or three other producers along the way, I got to know the game. It's like, 'Aha, they're all trying to do one another.'"

Davison went on to say that the production team also influenced the clothing that she wore on the show. She said that the producers will share a certain look for the "interview dress" that they want the women to don for their confessional interviews. For Davison, she reportedly experienced this firsthand. The 90 Day Fiancé alum claimed that she was told to find an outfit with a "plunging neckline" to show off more of her chest.

"I became friends with a lot of the crew and they could tell I was upset by that, being sexualized on a 90 Day Fiancé show," she added. "One of them took me aside and said, 'Well, Stephanie, you won't have to worry about the tell-all.'" Davison added that the producers would allegedly have them sit in a certain way during those confessional interviews to show off more skin. Although, Davison also said that this "rule" isn't in place anymore.

"What they used to have all women do is sit, they had to wear very low-cut things," the reality star continued. "And then they had to sit with their knees propped on these like lounge chairs, so everything, and then like lean forward and then you couldn't see it. They sat on there, but then everything then plunges forward. And he goes, 'I just want you to know, I know you're upset right now. But you won't have to deal with that at the tell-all. They've changed that rule.'" InTouch Weekly noted that they reached out to both TLC, the network on which 90 Day Fiancé airs, and Sharp Entertainment, the production company behind the series, about these claims. However, they did not respond.