'90 Day Fiance' Couple Jason Hitch and Cassia Tavares Reportedly Call off Divorce

This reality TV couple is giving things another try!Jason Hitch and Cassia Tavares of 90 Day [...]

This reality TV couple is giving things another try!

Jason Hitch and Cassia Tavares of 90 Day Fiancé first met on season two of the TLC series, and were two of the few of from the series to remain married in the four years since the season premiere.

But the two has had their share of marriage issues. The couple decided earlier this year they were done being together, however, and filed for divorce, reports Starcasm.

But now, the publication is reporting that the couple has had a change of heart and are calling off their divorce.

On March 15, Hitch withdrew the petition for dissolution of their marriage, according to documents obtained by the publication. The dismissal of their divorce was granted that same day and the case is now considered "closed."

Neither members of the couple has opened up about their decision to stay married, and have kept things private on social media. Since the divorce filing earlier this year, Hitch has actually been off of social media, returning with a post on March 19, and then responding when a fan commented to tell him it was good to see him back on Facebook again.

"Things are changing. For the good," he wrote.

Hitch's behavior will also hopefully be changing for the good. The issues that plagued his marriage to Cassia included domestic violence accusations, with Tavares even calling the police on her husband in January 2017, which led to his arrest on battery charges.

Cassia previously explained that Jason had a tendency to be verbally violent, controlling and abusive, according to a statement she provided to Starcasm shortly after their divorce filing. "You need to understand that even if with all my heart I wanted to give him a chance, I couldn't," she said in January. "I can't. Because all I see now is a mean man. He has destroyed everything I felt for him."

She continued about the split, "As for Jason, I am not sure what to say. 'I wish him the best?' I don't know. I wish him what is fair. Let the Universe decide what is fair."

Photo credit: Facebook/Cassia Tavares