'90 Day Fiance': Bryson's Adult Film Star Grandma Goes on Attack of Anny, and Fans Can't Stop Talking About It

Anny and Robert went to the playground with his son, Bryson, where the two met up with Bryson's grandparents. The encounter was anything but a relaxing walk in the park for Anny as she found herself on the wrong end of an attack from his grandmother Stephanie, who told her she works in the adult industry and demanded answers from her.

Stephanie asked to speak Anny on the side "by ourselves" in front of the four. That's when she sat her down on the park bench and let her know that she's always been a mother figure for Bryson.

"You're coming into his life now so I want to know everything that has happened between you and Bryson," she questioned.

Annywas caught off guard before saying "he's a good boy" and that he gives her love."I want you to understand as long as you're in Robert and Bryson's life, I'm going to be there," Stephanie stated. "Has Robert told you anything about me... I'm an adult film actress and I've been doing it for 15 years."

Anny took that the wrong way, telling the cameras that "it's disgusting" what she does for a living.

After that surprise comment, Anny asked her why she wants to know her, to which she reminded her that she's a part of Bryson's life now so she will always be there.

"I'm extremely protective... I feel like I have a right to know who will be around him," she added.

From that point on, Anny kept asking her why she is badgering her as she felt attacked. Stephanie doesn't feel she's here for a genuine reason, pointing to the fact that she and Robert hardly no each other. Anny responded that "you're not being very nice."

Topping the conversation off, Stephanie asked if and what type of birth control she is using.

"Some of the stuff Stephanie was asking me was so rude," she told the camera.


Closing the conversation out, the two each told one another they don't expect or want to be friends as Anny eventually got up and left in a hurry.

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