'16 and Pregnant' Star Arrested, Allegedly Assaulted Boyfriend

Selena Gutierrez, who starred in a 16 and Pregnant episode that aired in March, was reportedly arrested last week after an alleged fight with her boyfriend and baby daddy, Sean. The arrest on Monday, May 17, was documented in Instagram videos Sean and members of Gutierrez's family published in their Instagram Stories. Gutierrez and Sean are parents to daughter Dareli.

One of the videos appeared to show Gutierrez handcuffed and escorted by two police officers down a hallway, reports Starcasm. Another video showed the officers putting someone, possibly Selena, in the back seat of a police SUV. Sean added a caption to one of the videos, writing, "Took Selena for hitting me." He then shared another video showing himself with Dareli, writing, "STAMP DAT!!"

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Sean went on to claim that Gutierrez was "locked up for hitting me," adding that her family will not "even come get her." He said he and their daughter are "good" and Dareli will stay with him. "GOT 15K IN MY MOUTH FOR SOME GIRL TO TRY N PUNCH MY S— HELL NAH," he wrote in all capital letters on the post. "SHE'S NOT SLEEPING GOOD SHE JUST SEEN HER MOM GET ARRESTED WTF," Sean wrote in the caption of another video with Dareli.

Gutierrez's siblings obtained Sean's arrest videos. They shared them, adding Gutierrez's side of the story. Her brother, Ricky, called Sean a "lowlife motherf—er," adding that Gutierrez was defending herself after Sean was abusive. "She's terrified of him and was defending herself from this psycho," Ricky wrote, reports Starcasm. "He is a manipulator and abuser and took all her money from her! He and his mother both [ganged] up and bullied her and lied to the police."

In a later post, Ricky shared a screenshot of a text message from Sean. "Tell your bum a— mom to get her child she's locked up on assault charges and I'm the bad one f— you guys broke a— bums come get her and I dare you to show up at my house you'll get a rude awakening little boy," Sean wrote to Ricky, who then told Sean he should let people "see your true colors."

"First off I'm not a little boy. Second, I've had everything I have because I work my ass off for it," Ricky wrote to Sean. "Who tf talks to adults like that? Funny how you whoop her a— but u have one video of her defending herself from you and now you have her locked up? F— this system." Ricky later disputed Sean's assertion that no one was coming to help Gutierrez. Ricky and his mother flew from Colorado to Scottsdale, Arizona, where Gutierrez was arrested. Ricky also defended posting all this on social media, writing that he wanted people to see "who the bad guy is" in this situation.

On Tuesday, May 18, Starcasm reported that Gutierrez was released from jail. Her sister, Shakira, posted a video of Gutierrez's release, which Ricky live-streamed. "She is out," Shakira wrote. "She just needs to go get her baby girl now, but he ran off with her!!! I hate him so much." Gutierrez also published text updates on Instagram, confirming she and her baby is "ok." She also thanked fans for their support. According to Ricky, Gutierrez was released to her mother's custody since she is a juvenile.

Later, Gutierrez gave another explanation for what happened in response to The Ashley's Reality Roundup's Instagram post about the situation. "Okay but [Sean] got arrested too and the only reason I got locked up was cause my mom wasn't there," she explained. "If y'all really knew the full story!! Y'all don't live my life! Y'all only see what we post and we aren't always on our phones! I literally was getting attacked by Sean and his mom and his mom was holding my baby from me! Like who tf does she think she is to be holding my baby from me! I was using self-defense I'll speak on my [be]half when I'm ready I'm spending time with my baby."