Beth Chapman Death Hoax Prompts Dog the Bounty Hunter Duane Chapman to Speak out on Instagram

04/24/2019 03:01 pm EDT

The recent Beth Chapman death hoax seems to have prompted her husband, Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman, to speak out in a social media post shared to his Instagram. The hoax began sometime in the last week, with trolls posting about Chapman passing away without any evidence confirming that news. Duane broke his silence over the hoax by sharing an image with a supposed quote from former British PM Winston Churchill that read, "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on" — which per Politifact, is actually not even a quote attributed to Winston Churchill. However, fans of the couple saw the posts and began to share them with messages of sympathy, but finally it seems the hoax is starting to be seen for what it really is. Fake. "They be (sic) spreading horrible rumors of Beth. She is going to go through through this. Don’t be paying attention all this bull shit. They fit no life so they have to get the most attention they can get. Doug she is going to go through. With the strength of your family has, the faith in the almighty Lord. She is going to go through this. Prayers to your family," one person wrote back, per Heavy. “So true. Sorry about the lies going around. God Bless Beth,” someone else commented. “That’s so true, don’t pay attention to the negative things people have to say… Beth is the strongest fighter I have seen in such a long time I personally know you will make it,” another person said. Following the initial news that Chapman was very much alive and well, Dog the Bounty Hunter fans took to Twitter to call out those responsible for the hoax. "It’s social media and those [people] who report it do it for attention so it won’t stop just like the hatters won’t! If you follow Beth on twitter you can see what’s real and what’s not when she tells us or her family and friends. If she was dead she couldn’t be posting on twitter too," one fan commented. "Who ever started the RUMOR OF BETH CHAPMAN NOT ON THIS EARTH ANYMORE ,IS DISGUSTING [REPREHENSIBLE] I REMEMBER KARMA COMES AROUND U WILL NOT BE SPARED IN THIS LIFE AS U KNOW IT," another person tweeted. The death hoax was so believable to some due to the fact that Chapman had been battling cancer off-and-on for a few years. Currently, she is said to be doing well, and is amidst filming for the couple's upcoming new WGN show, Dog's Most Wanted. itemscope
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