'Big Brother': Jessica Milagros's Plan Remains Intact After Power of Veto

It’s safe to say that the Big Brother house has been shaken up. After the downfall of the powerful alliance Six Shooters, which included Jack Matthews, Jackson Michie, Holly Allen, Christie Murphy, Tommy Bracco and Analyse Talvera; fans of the show saw Jessica Milagros come out on top of the Head of Household competition.

Soon after, she put up the alpha males of the house, Matthews and Michie, setting the stage for an all-important Power of Veto on Wednesday’s episode.

“My relationship with Jack, non-existent. I’ve been burnt...my goal this week is to somehow survive,” Michie said in one of his diary room sessions.

“I’ve lost Michie’s trust in this game… I think it’s ultimately going to end in Michie’s demise,” Mathews told the diary room.

The show opened with Milagros laying out her plan with Allen and Dunn in her HoH room. All three agreed that Matthews is the bigger target of the two.

“I think it’s Jack’s time to go,” said Milagros, adding that if they don’t get him now, they may as well hand him the $500,000.

There was some discussion as to what would happen if Murphy, who previously won a unique power that gives her the ability to give the veto holder the power to make the replacement nominee, had the chance to use her advantage to keep Matthews safe this week.

The players selected in the veto competition were Kathryn Dunn (chosen by Milagros), Bracco (chosen by Matthews) and Nick Maccarone.

Continuing in her winning ways, Milagros was able to pull off the Big Brother sweep after taking home her second straight competition with an impressive veto victory. The competition was space-themed with contestants going one at a time where they would spin in a chair before having to fling a “rocket” onto a board that was filled with various numbers. Whoever landed on the lowest total each round would be eliminated.

Dunn was the first one to get the boot, followed by Matthews and Bracco. Michie came in third with Milagros defeating Maccarone in the final round.

Along the way, each houseguest claimed a prize (or punishment). Maccarone walked away with $5,000, Dunn received a trip to Hawaii while the others all received some sort of punishment

“For me, Jack is only loyal to three people,” Milagros said to Murphy and Dunn in her room following her victory. “And he’s gunning for everybody else.”

There was a little drama later on about where Maccarone’s allegiance lies. Murphy let it slip that she heard Maccarone was voting with her side to take Michie out, and Michie went up to the HOH room to tell Milagros that he heard Maccarone telling the others she would take Michie off and put either Murphy, Bracco or Talvera up next to Matthews.

Milagros wasn’t happy to hear that someone she thought she could trust was playing both sides, but after some debate, she ultimately decided to keep things as is.

At the ceremony, Milagros kept the nominations the same, meaning Michie or Matthews will be going home in the next episode.


Big Brother will hold its live eviction episode on Thursday at 9 p.m. ET.

Photo Credit: CBS


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