'Alaskan Bush People': Rain Brown Posts 'Lonely Angel' Butterfly Photo, Encourages Fans to 'Stay Strong'

As she continues to open up about her struggles with mental health, Rain Brown is encouraging Alaskan Bush People fans to remain “strong” and “happy.”

The youngest of the Brown siblings took to Instagram on Sunday, to share an inspirational message for her more than 100,000 followers alongside a peaceful photo of a butterfly resting on her finger.

“Fly, lonely angel. High above these streets on fire..” she captioned the post with lyrics from Great White’s “The Angel Song,” adding the hashtags “stay strong” and “stay happy.”

(Photo: Instagram / @heroofkirrkwell)

The simple but powerful message was met with a wave of support and thanks from fans, who were quick to flood the comments sections, who shared their own supportive messages.

“Great photo but even greater is this small butterfly has no fear. Beautiful, fearless, and strong,” one person wrote. “Perhaps that's why it chose you to alight on. She saw a kindred spirit in you.”

“Never seen anyone quote Great White's Angel Song, this was my anthem going through some very dark years in my teens in the early 90s,” another commented. “Kudos to grabbing my heartstrings today!”

“Love the the 'Angel Song' by Great White,” a third wrote, going on to share more lyrics from the song. “If you whisper a message or wish to the Butterfly it will carry it to the heavens and delivery it to the great spirit to be delivered to a love one that passed on .., Have a great evening and thanks for the song reminder been while since I listened.”

Brown's post comes amid a flurry of posts in which she has spoken out about her mental health and her battle with depression, which she previously stated she began to experience after her mother’s cancer diagnosis.

“For the past few days I’ve been struggling with some things, such as my depression, life, and some teen girl probs too (ya know a broken nail) and I couldn’t figure out why I was in such bad shape I stayed in bed for about four days with minor aches and pains and I couldn’t find out a reason, it bothered me so much, I lost any want to be healthy or motivational, I was just a husk,” she wrote in October of 2017.


She added that “sometimes you don’t have to have a reason sometimes you don’t have to be perfect and somedays you just feel like staying in bed and watching old [Simply Nail Logical] videos and that’s OKAY,” and encouraged her fans to “stay strong” and “listen to your body and soul.”

More recently, the young Alaskan Bush People star thanked her “incredible family” and fans for helping her through her darkest times.