'Big Brother' Fans Share Mixed Feelings About Jesse 'Mr. Pectacular' Godderz's Return

Big Brother fans had some things to say about Mr. Pectacular's return to the show.

As contestants dealt with the aftermath of the introduction of the BB Hacker in Sunday's episode, which saved Scottie Salton from the chopping black in place for fan-favorite houseguest Tyler Crispen, the veto competition proved to be a key moment in the competition.

This week's hacker Haleigh Broucher's plan, which was to expose Crispen as the mastermind behind all the recent eviction blindsides, backfired as Salton and Crispen kept their alliance intact, thinking the hacker wanted to pit them against each other.

Reigning Head of Household Angela Rummans hoped someone from her alliance wins the veto so she can backdoor Bayleigh Dayton and get her out of the house this week.

"Bayleigh, keep believing everything we're saying but if me or Kaycee (Clark) win this veto, there's no way Tyler will end up on the block," Angela told the camera in a confessional. "But I'll make sure you're there."

Before the competition, viewers saw as the hacker (Broucher) picked Clark to compete in the veto competition.

Just before the competition, the houseguest got a visit from BB10 and BB11 houseguest Jessie Godderz, also known as "Mr. Pectacular".

"Boom, I'm back, Mr. Pectacular's back," Godderz, shirtless, told the camera.

As he took off his shirt, the houseguests were introduced to "Boom Power Trip," a veto competition of strength and endurance.

Godderz proceeded to host the veto competition while wearing only a speedo.

Fans of the CBS competitions series had lots to say about Mr. Pectacular's return, many focusing on his appearance and popularity since playing the game.

At the end of the competition, and a twist where players got to pick the power of veto among other awards, Rummans got the power of veto.

Godderz was eliminated in week 4 of BB10, but returned to the house for one day only on Day 60 as part of a luxury competition. The following summer he returned to the Big Brother house but was evicted on Day 40, becoming the first member of the Jury that season.


Following his Big Brother stints, Godderz rose to fame as a professional wrestler.

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