Joe and Kendra Duggar Prepare for First Night as Married Couple on 'Counting On'

As Joseph and Kendra Duggar's wedding day draws closer on Counting On, the now-married couple revealed it got harder and harder to maintain their physical boundaries.

The couple was saving their first kiss for their wedding day, and were dedicated to saving themselves sexually until they were wed as well.

"You just start loving each other more and more each day," Kendra told the camera during Monday's episode of the TLC show. "And you just get excited about the wedding day. But I think having chaperons just always there allows you to get to that point and not fall."

Joe, when asked by a producer what he and his bride-to-be were doing to educate themselves about the sexual side of marriage before diving in, the 23-year-old revealed they were hoping to play things by ear.

"At this point in our relationship, we figured that we don't have to educate ourselves completely," he told the camera. "If we had questions, we could ask people who we trust. I know there's a lot of books out there, a lot of things you can read, but we don't want to make it harder on ourselves thinking about things that we can't actually carry out at this point."

He added, "Also in marriage, I think it will be fun to understand more as we go along and just learn together."

The couple, who wed in September, clearly figure out things quickly, announcing in December that they were expecting their first child together, a little boy.

"During this season that we are celebrating the birth of Christ, we are so excited to share with you that we are expecting the gift of a child ourselves!” the couple told Us Weekly at the time. “Wow, it’s so exciting!!! We’ve both always loved children and seen them as a real blessing from God. It’s so surreal to think of being parents and having our own little one. We cannot wait to see this new baby!”

The 19-year-old expectant mother has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of their son, but revealed in February that she was having some unpleasant side effects.

“During my pregnancy, I’ve had a lot of morning sickness and I think it’s slowly subsiding. But other than that, it’s been good,” Kendra said in a TLC video.

Kendra said she initially thought she was “gonna have a girl," but added that since discovering she'll be having a boy, is "excited about all of the little outfits you can put on him and the little bowties.”

Added Joe: “I think the thing that most excites me about having a son is that I’m going to be able to raise him up, teach him a lot of things that I do and I think that a lot of our interests will probably be similar.”


Photo credit: Counting On airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

Photo credit: TLC