'The Voice': Adam Levine Blocks Kelly Clarkson From Nabbing New York Singer

During the last blind audition during Monday's episode of The Voice, New York singer Johnny Bliss got all four judges to turn around. Unfortunately for Kelly Clarkson, Adam Levine blocked her from getting him.

Bliss performed the Spanish song "Preciosa," and instantly perked up the ears of Levine. He also quickly used his one block, choosing to take Clarkson out of the discussion. Blake Shelton and Alicia Keys also turned around, but Shelton said it should not count as a four-chair turn, due to the block.

During her pitch to get him to join the team, Keys sang "If I Ain't Got You" in Spanish. At that moment, it became clear that Levine wasted his block, since Bliss picked Keys!

"Johnny Bliss sang totally in Spanish, honestly. I understood every word and everything," Keys said. "Even though I didn't, that was the way I related in his performance."

The block is a controversial new addition to The Voice this season. It allows a coach to block one of the other coaches from picking a singer. Last week, Shelton blocked Levine from adding Britton Buchanan to his team. Fans did not like it when it was introduced and they were not as thrilled with it Monday.

"He wanted Kelly, I hate this block feature. It's not helping the performer. You could see the hurt in the guy's face when @adamlevine blocked @kelly_clarkson #TheVoice I hope they remove this feature next year," one fan wrote.


"See this #block thing is wrong to the singer. This kid wanted #KellyClarkson and now he can’t have her," another viewer wrote.

During his introduction package, Bliss said he works as a karaoke host in New York City. He was the second person to sing a Spanish song on the night, after Mexican-born Dallas resident Jorge Eduardo sang "Despacito." At least Clarkson got him for her team.