Khloe Kardashian Satisfies Her Noodle Pregnancy Cravings in Japan

Khloe Kardashian is in Japan with her sisters, and it is proving to be the perfect place to satisfy her pregnancy noodle cravings.

khloe kardashian japan noodles instagram pregnancy
(Photo: Instagram/Khloe Kardashian)

Khloe posted several photos from Tokyo on her Instagram Story, saying she is "in my element" as she downed pasta in her pajamas. In another photo, the 33-year-old has a noodle dangling from her mouth.

khloe kardashian japan noodles instagram pregnancy 2
(Photo: Instagram/Khloe Kardashian)

The trip to Japan with Kim and Kourtney has not been without controversy. Khloe is eight months pregnant, and is perilously close to the time when air travel becomes hazardous. On Feb. 6, she said she is 29 weeks along, and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says women should not travel by air after 36 weeks.

Khloe has posted most of her photos from Tokyo on her Instagram Story, so they expire in 24 hours and fans do not have an opportunity to criticize her. Still, people took to Twitter to complain about her traveling at this point.

However, Kourtney has posted several photos from the trip, which also included a stop in Kyoto. Khloe posted paparazzi photos from Kyoto, showing her cradling her baby bump in a baby blue dress with matching shoes. She wrote "Thankful" in Japanese in the accompanying caption.

"People are very opinionated about my bump. I choose to cradle my bump because it’s MINE. I’ve waited for this VERY short moment for YEARS. I have only months to enjoy this phase in my life, so I will touch my bump and love my bump as often as I choose. Mommy loves you baby," Khloe told fans on Feb. 28.

A source told Entertainment Tonight this week that she and partner, Tristan Thompson are "more in love than ever," adding they "are solid."

“Khloe is not a high maintenance pregnant woman, but it was kind of rough at first and he was there doing anything he could to make her comfortable and happy -- he’s always telling her how beautiful she is," the source told ET.


The source also said they are in no rush to get married, although that is still a possibility. Khloe was previously married to another NBA player, Lamar Odom. Their divorce was finalized in December 2016.

“Right now it’s just all about the new baby," the source said. "They’re not rushing to get married, but they’re in it for the long haul for sure."