'Teen Mom' Cast Member's Mom Diagnosed With Brain Cancer

MacKenzie McKee can "barely breathe" after her mother, Angie Douthit, was diagnosed with brain cancer.

The Teen Mom 3 cast member opened up about how her family is doing after the devastating diagnosis in an interview with Us Weekly Wednesday.

“She is the healthiest person I know. Eats healthier than me. Always organic. Doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink, she is a school teacher so has no money. She runs marathons and works out two to three times a day. This does not run in our family,” McKee told the publication.

She continued, “I am so sad. I can barely breathe. I can not lose her. She did ask that I blog her whole journey and make a documentary in case something does happen we will always have that. I know God will use her to speak to others.”

McKee, who appeared on 16 and Pregnant and its short-lived spinoff Teen Mom 3 in 2013, revealed on Twitter Tuesday that her mom had been diagnosed with cancer.

“All prayer warriors. Please pray for my mom. What we thought was bronchitis turned out to be 3 masses on her brain, 1 large imone in her,” she wrote. “Lungs and multiple blood clots. We are in shock and devastated. I she has brain surgery tomorrow. I’m sick. I’m so sick and want to wake up.”

Later, on Instagram, she shared a collage of her mother.

“The most amazing woman I know. She taught me everything I know. She is the only reason i am the woman I am today. I love you Mom. I’m devastated, I’m angry, I’m [shook], I can’t [breathe]. You are everything. Please pray @angiedouthit,” McKee wrote.

Photo credit:Instagram/@mackenzietaymckee