Woman Gives Birth To Baby Mid-Flight On Her Way To Orlando

Air travel can be a bit grueling when you're sitting next to a baby that cries non-stop during the entire flight. On Sunday night, this situation turned into the extreme when a woman gave birth mid-air on a Southwest airlines flight.

Journalist Izzy Gould with AL.com shared a video of the bizarre incident with the caption: "My @SouthwestAir flight from PHL to MCO was diverted to Charleston because a woman went into labor. Flight crew did a great job."

Southwest Flight 556 was coming from Philadelphia headed towards Orlando when the plane had to make an unscheduled stop in Charleston when the woman went into labor. The flight departed at 2:46 p.m., and was about an hour in when the woman went into labor.

Fortunately there was a nurse, and two doctors on board to assist with the delivery of the baby.

The family and birthing mother were taken to the hospital by local fire and rescue crews after medics arrived on the scene in Charleston to assist with the situation.

A flight attendant said the baby was 26 weeks old. "As soon as her water broke, the baby was coming," the attendant said, according to Al.com.

When the baby was successfully delivered, the other passengers applauded and cheered for the family.

The plane, holding 132 passengers, was able to continue on to Orlando and was only delayed by one hour and landed safely around 5:30 pm.

Gould shared another tweet praising Southwest Airlines. He wrote: "It was a memorable flight. Can't say enough about the @SouthwestAir crew, and the medical peeps that delivered the baby. True pros."


How would you have reacted if you were there when a woman was giving birth on the airplane mid-flight?

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