Watch The Shocking Moment Kanye West Runs To Try And Catch A Fan From Falling

Kanye West might not come off as the most caring of performers out there, but when he sees one of his millions of fans in danger, he is the first one to step up. This is clear from a video taken during one of his concerts. As a fan nearly falls off a balcony, Kanye is seen rushing toward him in hopes to prevent an accident.

During Kanye’s Saint Pablo tour, a few fans found the perfect location to get a close look of him as he walked by – on a balcony. It was so perfect, in fact, that one fan taking video was able to get a great view of Kanye trying to save a fan.

As the 39-year-old rapper started to walk by, all of the fans in the area started to move forward towards where Kanye was. This forced the people closest to the balcony edge to get pushed to the railing. One fan, who was overly excited to see Kanye, leaned forward just as the group started to push. He nearly fell.

Kanye, seeing the fan nearly fall, ran toward the balcony yelling for people to calm down and back up. Fans quickly got the picture and stopped pushing. The fan that was near falling was safe, both feet back on the balcony. Kanye continued to walk to wherever he was headed.


Normally, the rapper saves his caring side for his wife and kids, so it’s nice to see him offer some love to his fans. Hopefully he will continue to show that caring side during the rest of his extended tour – now going through until New Year’s Eve. Let’s just hope no one else gets close to hurting themselves though.

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