Watch: 'Teen Mom' Star Catelynn Lowell Breaks Down After Being Denied Visitation With Her Daughter

Teen Mom OG star Catelynn Lowell is clearly frustrated with the adoptive parents of her daughter Carly. In a new clip from the October 31 show, she is seen breaking down when she realizes that she might not get the chance to visit with Carly, according to Us Weekly.

During the clip, Lowell, and her husband Tyler Baltierra, meet with their adoption counselor, Dawn. Everything seems to go well until Lowell brings up the conversation about her wanting to visit her daughter.

“It was just visit stuff,” Lowell explains to Dawn about the text conversation between her and Carly’s adoptive mother. “I just want to talk to her physically on the phone and just, say, even if we come up there, even if we come up to you guys, it’s just for a day and brunch the next morning.”

It’s here that Dawn has to give the parents some bad news.

According to the adoption papers that were signed back in 2009, Lowell and Baltierra both signed their “ongoing face-to-face” visitation rights away. This means that though they can request to see Carly, it is up to her adoptive parents as to whether or not they actually get to see her.

It’s with this news that a previously frustrated Lowell starts to crack. Tears start to fall down her face as she looks to Dawn for help in what to do next. Though the clip doesn’t go into details about Lowell’s next steps, it’s clear that she is regretting the decision she made when she was 16.

“It’s just f--king frustrating because I was 16 years old when I made this F—king decision,” she said.

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