Vin Diesel Apologizes If He Offended Anyone, Releases Uncut Interview Online

Fast and Furious star and producer Vin Diesel has recently come under some fire for coming on a bit too strong with a reporter during a XXX interview.

Yesterday, Diesel released the full, uncut interview with a note apologizing if he offended anyone by the interview. Vin Diesel wrote, "As you all know, I try to keep my interviews playful and fun, especially when I am in the Xander Zone... But if I offended anyone, then let me apologize, because that is never my intention."

Here is the uncut version....

During the first cut of the interview, things did get kind of weird. He has been known to give great interviews where he is lively and interesting and inviting. He likes to talk about projects and almost always gives answers that go beyond “yes” or “no.” But in a recent interview to promote his latest film, Diesel came off as less inviting and much more creepy than usual. Diesel stopped in Brazil during his press tour for xXx: Return of Xander Cage.

xXx: Return of Xander Cage brings Vin Diesel back to the franchise about extreme sports stars who double as secret agents - and Diesel has brought a big cast of stars along with him for this third installment.

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He was being interviewed by journalist and YouTuber Carol Morelra, who brought up a number of interesting questions about Diesel’s start in the acting business. But as the interview went on, Diesel seemed to only want to talk about Morelra’s appearance. “God, you’re so beautiful,” he first said immediately interrupting a comment he was making about working with the legendary Tom Hanks. “My God, she’s so beautiful, man. Am I right or wrong?”

Diesel continued to talk about her appearance, looking off camera to others standing by for their agreement on his comments. All the while, it was clear that Morelra was starting to get uncomfortable. What’s more, she was clearly getting a bit frustrated that he keeps talking about her appearance over continuing with their interview.


Do you think Vin Diesel's interview was too over the line? Do you agree with his apology? Let us know your answers in the comments section below.

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