Uber Driver Arrested For Allegedly Stabbing Customer Who ‘Disrespected’ His Car

On Saturday, an Uber driver in Michigan went absolutely crazy and stabbed a passenger several times. The horrific incident happened after the driver felt as if the man "disrespected" his car by tapping on the window, according to People.

According to the Bloomfield Township Police Department, a 49-year-old man and his wife from Beverly Hills, Michigan requested an Uber ride. The two were heading home after a holiday party.

Uber driver, 23-year-old Jacob Matthew Allemon, arrived soon after to give the man and his wife a ride home. However, when the passenger tapped on the window of the 2012 Honda Civic before getting into the vehicle, Allemon felt "his vehicle was disrespected," according to police.

After driving for about a mile, Allemon pulled the car over to tell the man and his wife to get out of the car.

Because it was snowing outside, the man asked Allemon to wait until another Uber comes to pick them up. Apparently Allemon didn't like that, and a fight broke out between the two men.

Law enforcement officials explained that Allemon proceeded to stab the man multiple times in his face, back, and chest.

Fortunately, the passenger was able to disarm Allemon and hold him back until the police arrived only seconds after the 911 call.

The police said that the incident occurred "in the parking lot of a shopping center at the corner of Maple Road and Cranbrook in Bloomfield Township."

The victim was rushed to a local hospital, after being treated by the Bloomfield Township Fire Department. He was released the hospital following day.

On Saturday, Allemon was arrested. The police reportedly charged the Berkley, Michigan man with assault with the intent to do great bodily harm less than murder.

Allemon is currently behind held at the Oakland County Jail. His bond has been set at $250k, and was he just arraigned this past Sunday.

An Uber spokesman gave this statement: "What has been described is appalling. The driver has been banned from the app and we’ve reached out to the Bloomfield Township Police Department to offer any assistance for their investigation."


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