Two Escorts Go To Battle In The Middle Of A Las Vegas Intersection

Warning: Graphic Language and Content

Anything can happen on the Vegas strip late at night, including a traffic jam caused by two escorts throwing punches. A man came upon a battle brewing at a Las Vegas, Nevada intersection off the strip. What started as shouts across the streets, soon turned brutal.

Though it’s difficult to hear what the women are yelling to each other, the person who posted the video claims that the women were arguing over a bag. The only indication of that in the video is that one of the women makes it a point to dump everything out of the other’s bag during the fight.

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The first woman, wearing pink, starts walking across the street, yelling at another woman wearing black, who is with a friend. The woman in pink and woman in black start yelling back and forth, slowly approaching each other in the middle of the street. At one point, the woman in black is sensible enough to say that they should take “this” off the street, but the woman in pink didn’t like that option.

Just as the woman in black and her friend started to leave, the woman in pink slapped her across the face – and that was that the fight was on.

The two pummeled each other with kicks and punches. They threw each other on the ground. Eventually, the woman in black’s friend joined in kicking the woman in pink and dumping her purse. Then, just as abruptly as it started, it ended.

The woman in pink limped away, grabbing her essentials from the street and traffic returned to normal.


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