Tim Tebow's Jumping Memes From Workout Are Taking Over The Internet

(Photo: Twitter / MLB)

At the University of Southern California campus, former NFL player and Heisman winner Tim Tebow will be doing a public workout for some Major League Baseball teams in an effort to crossover to America's favorite pastime sport. Before the scouts showed up to the event, Tebow went through a series of agility drills, and one photo taken from his warmup session has taken the internet by storm.

A snap of Tebow leaping into the air (pictured above) set off a wave of ridiculous memes after SBNation's Spencer Hall tweeted: "It would be a real shame if someone did something to this handy cutout image of Tim Tebow jumping."

Twitter took over from here.

Which one of these hilarious Tim Tebow jumping memes was your favorite?

[H/T Fox Sports]