Texas Police Cadet Dies After Collapsing During Final Training Exercise

On Thursday in Frisco, Texas, a police cadet died after suffering from a "medical emergency."

31-year-old Christopher Murray was hospitalized after undergoing strenuous physical activity. He first was placed in the ICU on November 16, according to Police One.

The Frisco Police Department posted a message on Facebook to share the tragic news of Murray's death. The post read:

"Police Cadet Christopher Murray #3391, passed away on Thursday, December 01, 2016. He had been hospitalized on November 16, 2016 after suffering from a medical emergency while completing the final physical training at the police academy. Although he remained hospitalized, the police academy awarded him his graduation certificate in absentia. Cadet Murray began his career with the Frisco Police Department as a police and fire dispatcher in 2013 and started the police academy in July of this year.

Cadet Murray is survived by his expectant wife and young daughter.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to the Murray family can do so by going to the following website: YouCaring."

On the family's YouCaring page, they described Chris as "an awesome dad, a prankster, a loving husband, and a recent graduate from the Denton Police Academy."

He was being treated for "a rare disease called rhabdomyolysis," which is "a condition in which muscles break down and release a protein into the blood that damages the kidneys."

The disease can be caused by a variety of different factors such as a traumatic injury or extreme muscle train, according to WebMD.

After going through rigorous training for the Police Academy, Murray had finally given his body more than it could handle on November 16. Upon completing a physical assessment, "he sat down and unexpectedly passed out because his airways were closing off."

Murray was rushed to the hospital, but he was experiencing acute kidney failure by the time he arrived. "As a result, his electrolytes were at dangerous levels which caused heart problems along with many other symptoms."

The YouCaring account was originally set up in order to help the Murray family to pay for medical expenses given that Christopher had to undergo "tons of IV medications, had countless blood draws, and many diagnostic tests." However, donations are now being made to the family in order to support for funeral costs.

Texas Police Cadet Died
(Photo: YouCaring)

The police have not released any further details regarding Christopher Murray's death at this time.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Murray family during this difficult time.

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