Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Gives Longer Response To Valerie Fairman's Death

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham weighed in on Valerie Fairman's death. The 16 and Pregnant alum died earlier this week after a suspected overdose, and Abraham believed that Valerie didn't receive the help that she truly needed to prevent her death.

"I was very devastated because, you know, I think of...she has a seven-year-old child, who now has a huge loss," Abraham said. "Just like my daughter has a loss of her father. We lost him around Christmas time as well. So I think whoever is surrounding Neveah, who is her daughter, I hope that they truthfully help her through bereavement, the loss of her mother."

Abraham explained that Valerie's daughter, Neveah, needs to be raised by people that are going to offer a support system better than Valerie had.

"You know, any drug or addiction problems in her future," Abraham said. "She needs to be surrounded by positive, awesome people. It's sad that her mother wasn't supported in that way. "

The Teen Mom OG star believes that Valerie's appearance in a reality series possibly "played a part" in her death.

"I think that played a part," she said. "From jail to drug addiction to whatever else that was said. I really wish that she was just supported in a better way."

Abraham continued to address other teenagers who want to be on Teen Mom or other teen pregnancy shows.

"I honestly feel like it's not a positive thing. I don't think it helps the economy further," Abraham said. "It really adds a lot of more unplanned pregnancies, a lot of failed relationships, and that's not really what we're trying to show. And it's not really done in a positive, effective way that I think we all started out doing. That's just the honest to God truth, and it's just really hurtful to me to see what I'm seeing, and women do not need to be pregnant to go on television."

When the news of Fairman's death broke, Farrah Abraham took to Facebook to post a short tribute. On Thursday, the Teen Mom OG star wrote: “My heart goes [out] to her family and daughter. Rest In Peace, Valerie.”

Check out the video of Farrah Abraham talking about Valerie Fairman's death here.

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