Survivor Winner Adam Klein's Mother Passed Away Two Hours After His Return Home

The end of the latest season of Survivor: Millenials vs Gen X wasn’t all cheers for the winner. Adam Klein returned home after the filming, but before the final tribal council determined a winner, for a reunion with his family. However, his reunion with his mother only lasted a few hours.

While Klein was battling for a million dollars on the island of Fiji, his mother, Susie, was at home battling lung cancer. The 25-year-old knew that his mother was fighting the disease while he was on the show, but knew that she wouldn’t want him to quit.

adam klein survivor
(Photo: Facebook / Survivor Brasil)

With zero communication to his family while on the island, Klein didn’t have any way of knowing how his mother was doing back home until he was visited by brother during the family episode. Then he was given the horrible news that his mother’s body was resisting treatment, so they decided to stop. Klein said that even at that point, his mother didn’t want him pulled from the game.

So, Klein continued until the end of the season, until he made it to the final three. Then he flew home where he got to see his mother, but only for the final two hours of her life.

“I truly think she was holding in all this energy to support me in the game and once she knew she didn’t need to send it to me anymore, I think she started to allow herself a little more peace,” Klein said about his mother. “I absolutely believe she waited for me to come home and I’m so grateful.”

Klein ended up winning the million dollar prize for his season.

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