Selfie-Loving Party Girl Continues To Not Want To Behave, Even In Court

25-year-old Maxine Hansen seems to be enjoying her 15 seconds of fame, if her response to the downgrade of felony charges brought against her are any indication. Last week, Hansen was arrested after authorities were alerted to her flashing a cache of guns on a live stream of a party at the Gramercy Park Hotel.

When police arrived at the hotel, they found Hansen in possession of BB guns, not actual firearms, but also a bag of crystal meth and two vials of heroin.

After her court appearance, Hansen spoke to the New York Post, saying her only regret was getting caught.

“We’re just harmless kids doing drugs,” she claimed. “We were just having fun.”

She took to Facebook evening of her court appearance, posting, “Who gon stop me haaan."


The whole experience hasn't seemed to have an impact on Hansen, who revealed, “My whole life has been wildness," implying this is just another bump in the road. She also told the Post she'd gladly star in a reality TV show of her prison exploits, going so far as to title the show "Rikers Gone Wild."

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