Watch Patrick Stewart Sing Some Cowboy Classics

It looks like Patrick Stewart might be hanging up his acting career to pursue a crooner’s dream. In a recent video, the acclaimed British actor debuted his 'new collection' of cowboy classics for July 4th celebrations by introducing fans to his country alter-ego, Cowboy Pat.

The video, which is clearly styled after late-night informercials, shows the actor singing classic tunes such as “Rawide,” “Buttons and Bows,” “Don’t Fence Me In,” Ghost Riders In The Sky,” and “Whoopie Ti Yi Yo.” The eclectic clip also features an over-excited voice over that introduces Cowboy Pat as one of “England’s premiere cowboy singer[s],” who is now bringing, “his music stateside in this amazing collection.”

What is this so-called collection, you ask? Well, Cowboy Pat has wrangled his songs into two different Cowboy Classics volumes which come with three complementary compilations: Songs for Lonesome Lovers, Duets Out West, and Christmas on the Range. And, for those who might be wondering, the Duets Out West collection allegedly features Cowboy Pat partnering with superstars such as Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift. Take that for what you will.

For fans who were shocked by Stewart’s sudden career change, the video links to a website which explains the spoof in greater detail. The site claims that Cowboy Pat’s CDs and old-school records have completely sold-out, but curious buyers can purchase a digital sampler of Stewart’s renditions. The proceeds of those purchases go to the International Rescue Committee, an international refugee charity focused on aiding displaced families in Europe, the Middle East, and more. As Stewart is a well-known philanthropist and relief advocate, it looks like his singing stint is all for charity.


If you’re on the fence about buying the purchase, consider these promising words from Cowboy Pat’s infomercial: “Sometimes, it takes an Englishman to teach us what's great about being an American.” On the heels of July 4th, it might be high-time for Britain’s most beloved cowboy singer to give us some needed patriotism to wake people from their groggy post-fireworks haze.

Or, at the very least, watching Cowboy Pat’s infomercial is a thing of joy and reminds us all why Patrick Stewart is truly an amazing artist. If the video’s hilarious green-screen effects and warbling disembodied heads don’t make you giggle at least once, then there may not be many things in this world that can.