Murder Suspect Says Who Did It In News Interview

A suspect involved in a murder case revealed who the actual killer was in a shocking video that was shared on the Internet on Friday.

At the beginning of the clip, 16-year-old Iseral Hall is seen being walked from the jail to a police car when he drops some disturbing information.

He was arrested for the murder of 24-year-old Delauna Powell in Mobile, Alabama. The single mother was shot on October 18 while she was on her way to a shipyard job, according to AL.

A man holding a camera begins asking a series of questions to the murder suspect. The cameraman asks if Hall killed Powell. He said that he did not, but he "knew what happened."

At first, Hall claims that he is not going to talk about who fatally shot Delauna Powell. However, after being asked about it several times, Hall finally cracked and said that it was 18-year-old Antonio Lang who murdered Powell.

Hall said that he did not come forward until the time the video was taken because he was afraid of Antonio Lang.

Later in the video, the police lead Antonio Lang to a police car. He remains entirely silent and appears to have tears in his eyes.

Antonio Lang was arrested and put in jail on November 13 on a burglary charge.

According to Mobile Police Chief James Barber, Hall and Lang were hanging around the intersection of Duval Street and the I-10 Service Road. There were "a lot of people who went through that intersection," and many reportedly felt threatened by Hall and Lang's behavior.

When Delauna Powell approached the intersection, the police believe that Hall fired multiple shots through the door of her vehicle.

The investigators on the case worked over a month before Iseral Hall informed them that Antonio Lang was the shooter.

Hall is reportedly being charged with felony murder while Lang was charged with capital murder, which makes him eligible for the death penalty.

What are your thoughts about this young murder suspect incriminating himself and his friend?


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