Mel Gibson Stunned by Mad Max: Fury Road Filmmaking

Mad Max: Fury Road is one of those action movie reboots that no one expected to work - let alone be the huge critical and financial success that it was. However, franchise creator (and its sole director) George Miller took the world he had created with actor/director Mel Gibson in 1979, and brought to into the modern movie marketplace with stunning cinematic beauty and excitement.

Of course, one of the biggest points of contention about Fury Road was Mad Max's role in it (or lack thereof). Actor Tom Hardy inevitably drew comparison to his predecessor (Gibson), and a fair amount of fans leaned toward preferring the original Max to the new version.

So what did Gibson himself think of Mad Max: Fury Road?

Mel Gibson Reviews Mad Max Fury Road
(Photo: deez)

According to Collider's account: "When I asked Gibson about Fury Road, he called the editing “stunning” and told a great story about working with Miller earlier in his career and the way he wanted to get a weird shot that Gibson didn’t understand."

That's more of a technical statement by filmmaker towards a filmmaker (one who helped jumpstart his career, no less); so it's probably not the commentary most fans wanted to hear. It would be a lot juicier if Gibson had commentary as a former Mad Max towards how this new film treated the character - or how actor Tom Hardy played him. There's certainly a contingent of critics who probably want to hear Gibson agree that the new Mad Max and its titular hero are somehow not macho enough - and it'd be easy to assume that a guy like Gibson would do just that (given his past behaviors).


However, no smoke here, no fire: Mel Gibson is simply still impressed with the work of George Miller, all these years later.

The highly anticipated Mad Max: Fury Road: Black and Chrome Edition will be released on Dec 6, 2016. There's also word that a prequel, Mad Max: The Wasteland could also be in the works.