Man In Santa Mask Robs Bank After Handing Out Candy Canes

You might not think getting into character is an important step in the process of robbing a bank. One bank robber, however, might disagree. This robber went through the effort of not only dressing up like Santa Claus but even handed out candy canes before demanding money.

The robbery occurred in Memphis, Tennesee. A man wearing a Santa Claus mask walked into the Memphis City Employees Credit Union on Elvis Presley Boulevard early in the morning. He seemed nice as he approached not only the tellers but other customers. The man had a box of candy canes that he passed out, even saying “Merry Christmas” to everyone.

WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

However, after he handed out his little presents, the thief then handed the bank teller a note demanding cash. The teller complied, giving the robber Santa an undisclosed amount of cash. Santa then left the bank and casually walked down the street.

“That’s kinda low,” said customer Angelo Becton when he heard about the robbery. “And then come and do something bad like this here? That reflects on the kids.”

No one was hurt during the robbery, nor have there been any suspects taken into custody. So far, it looks like fake Saint Nick got away with his Christmas caper.


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