Leonardo DiCaprio Writes Touching Letter To Alan Thicke

In the wake of Alan Thicke's tragic death, many celebrities have weighed in on social media to share their stories of what a kind mand he was. Leonardo DiCaprio, who worked with Thicke on Growing Pains, wrote a touching post about their experiences together.

DiCaprio played Luke on the long-running sitcom, who formed a close friendship with Mike Seaver (Kirk Cameron), with Thicke's character of Jason Seaver becoming a surrogate grandfather for the troubled teen. DiCaprio joined the sitcom later on in the show's lifespan, but it was one of the roles that helped transition him into getting bigger roles that led him to today's superstardom.

In addition to giving the young actor a platform to showcase his acting abilities, DiCaprio's character also helped showcase the diversity of families, and his relationship with Thicke's character reminded audiences that family come in many different forms.

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