Kurt Sutter Pens Thoughtful Letter After Donald Trump Wins Presidency

As the results of the election are beginning to set in with citizens all cross the United States, Sons of Anarchy showrunner Kurt Sutter took the time to pen a thoughtful letter on Republican candidate Donald Trump winning the presidency.

"I woke up neck deep in hopelessness this morning," Sutter wrote. "Staring out the window, the marine layover felt like a death cloak. The uncomfortable numbness hanging over Los Angeles was palpable."

Kurt Sutter Thoughtful Letter
(Photo: Facebook / Kurt Sutter)

While the 56-year-old writer/director felt despair because of the election results, he felt a surge of hope after seeing his daughter on Wednesday morning.

"Then I saw my nine year old," Sutter wrote. "She was happy. Hopeful. And excited by the possibility of her day. In that moment, I had a very unexpected shift. One that spun on the axis of accountability and acceptance."

Sutter was angered initially at Donald Trump's victory, he said, "Regardless of what you think of Mr. Trump, he won by a solid electorate margin."

Although the outcome is not what Sutter had hoped, he is taking it upon himself and asking others to hold themselves accountable for the direction of the country.

"So for my own sanity and in the spirit of hope for my kids and all citizens of the world, I promise to look for the similarities rather than the differences. And instead of complaining about beliefs and policies I don't think are right, I will try to put that energy into something productive that incites change rather than derisiveness."

"In other words, the only outcome of fear and hate is more fear and hate."

The Sons of Anarchy showrunner then delivered the main theme of his message.

"My point is this," Sutter wrote. "I love being a a misanthrope. My default is always anger and aggression. I feel empowered when I eviscerate the things that I don't like. Or more accurately, the things that scare me. But I know to dump hate and fear on top of this precarious political climate makes me part of the problem."

Sutter concluded the post by simply writing, "It's a beginning.'

Check out Kurt Sutter's full post here.

The thoughtful letter comes only hours after Kurt Sutter sent out an angry tweet essentially denouncing the billionaire real estate mogul's victory in the election.

Sutter tweeted: "With heavy heart I concede to my unflinching opponents: Ignorance, Racism, Misogyny, Untruth, Delusion, and Chaos. God bless America."

Clearly, Sutter has decided that the best thing to do for himself and for others is to try to be a beacon of light in what he may feel like is a gloomy situation.

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Do you agree with what Kurt Sutter had to say about Donald Trump winning the presidency?

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