High School Students Find Dangerous Meth Chemicals While Researching Trees

High school students were expecting to learn a thing or two about trees when their teacher took them on a nature walk, but what they discovered was far more dangerous.

The biology lesson quickly turned into a chemistry lesson when the group came upon a bottle full of chemicals used to make meth.

High School Student Meth Chemicals Researching Trees

"It was active and it was actually swirling around and bubbling and expanding and contracting, and that's a problem," Special Agent Jon DeLena of the Drug Enforcement Administration told WMUR.

It was the motion of the substance in the soda bottle that tipped the class off that it was not simply trash.

They brought the bottle to the school, but decided to keep it outside since it might be dangerous, school Principal Lisa Perras, recalled. It was the right choice.

By the time authorities arrived the bottle was on fire.

The school is now using the scary situation as a teaching moment.

"It was a scary thought, and I think our immediate reaction after we secured their safety was that this is an area that students walk through daily, and if they found it once, there could be more," Perras said.


No arrests have been made in connection to the "one-pot meth lab."

This story first appeared at Womanista.