Ginger Zee Tweets 'Quitting' and Fans Are Concerned

ABC Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee took to Twitter and tweeted a rather concerning word. She said she was "quitting" and now fans are wondering what she meant by that. Zee has been the Chief Meteorologist for Good Morning America since 2011 and while she's never shown signs of wanting to leave, after her take to social media, fans are truly concerned.

One fan wrote, "Oh, Ginger, hopefully you're quitting just for the day," while someone else echoed, "Quitting?"

Not to worry though, Zee quickly shut down the idea that she might be quitting her job when she replied to one of her followers saying, "Haha I'm not quitting at all."

With relief, Zee's fans took a moment to ask her other various questions, some even jokingly. One person asked, "Smoking?" while Zee responded with, "Did that a while back... ."

Another one of her fans asked, "Did you find someone to sell you the right size washer?" to which she replied with, "No not yet."

Someone else pointed out the fact that Zee is a well-liked news personality and it was obvious her fans would be sad if she left.

Zee also replied to the user saying, "Yes! An unintended mood booster for sure."

Others responded with hilarious GIFS.

Someone else used a GIF from Anchorman.

Zee is not typically one to stay quiet with her fans, as she's exceptionally social with those who watch her every morning. In the late months of 2019, the mom of two had to debunk rumors that she was pregnant with she and husband Ben Aaron's third child after one of her fans said, "Did you announce another pregnancy and I missed it. Gold dress shows it. Congrats."

Zee wasn't too thrilled with that as she was not pregnant, writing, "Yes, I'm due in a month!!! So glad you asked...just kidding."


"That's called a woman who just went on 11 planes just last week, didn't work out, needs new spanx and had two children. HAPPY TUESDAY!"

Photo credit: Raymond Hall/Getty.