Gabrielle Union Speaks Out Against Sexist Questions On Twitter

Gabrielle Union isn’t taking people’s sexism anymore. The actress spoke out on Twitter about a question she received in regards to her husband, Chicago Bulls player Dwayne Wade. She wants to know if people ask him the same kinds of questions about her.

After Wade did something pretty impressive on the basketball court– Union doesn’t go into details about exactly what he did to prompt the question – Union was asked about what she had cooked him for dinner that night. That question didn’t sit well with the actress.

“Husband does something impressive folks ask me what I cooled 4 him that day,” she later tweeted. “Curious if ppl ask him what he made for me when I do cool stuff.”

Of course, she is calling out the sexism in the question. Why would someone assume that Union cooked for him that day, or at all for that matter? Not every woman cooks for her husband – not every woman cooks. Apparently, one Twitter user asked her about her statement but has since deleted it.

One of my favorite things in the 🌎to see. That @gabunion smile. #TheWades

A photo posted by dwyanewade (@dwyanewade) on

“But you assume I must cook for him everyday? Naw kiddo,” Union replied to the deleted tweet.

Perhaps Wade’s success comes from the fact that he married a strong woman? Based on photos of the two together, it’s clear that his strong wife that doesn’t cook for him every day certainly makes him happy.


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