Footage of 'Tiger King' Star Allen Glover's DUI Arrest Released

Bodycam footage from Tiger King subject Allen Glover's DUI arrest has finally surfaced. The alleged hitman and zoo worker was arrested over the weekend on DUI-related charges and taken into custody in Oklahoma. The video shows that Glover claimed to have only drank two beers, with the last drink being consumed an hour before the cops showed up.

"Let me ask you something?" the officer started after already questioning if he had an ID on him according to a TMZ video. "On a scale of one to 10, one being you're stone-cold sober, you're ready to go to church, and 10 being you'd be drunk and passed out in a ditch, where would you put yourself at?" Glover replied with, "One to 10? I'm good." The officer was quick to say, "Well that's not part of the scale." So he reiterates, "One to 10?" Then Glover said, "I'm not sure what you're saying."

"You don't understand that question?" the officer asked, while Glover replied with, "Not quite." So he then repeats the question exactly, ending with, "Where would you put yourself at?" Glover says," I'd put myself in a place." The officer then laughed and said again that the answer still doesn't fall on the scale. So the officer then asked him how big the beers were that he drank and Glover replied with, "Good drinks," to describe the beers without actually saying how big or small they were.

Glover was put through a series of sobriety tests, and one of them was the ABC test, but Glover claimed he only had a third grade education and doesn't know his ABC's. At the end he did confess that he didn't feel safe enough to operate a vehicle when the offer asked him if he was, and that's when he was placed under arrest. Glover was sitting in his car in a private parking lot outside of Deja Vu when someone called the cops on him.


He was booked on a charged called Actual Physical Control (APC) which is similar to a DUI charge but doesn't require someone to drive to be charged with it. In the state of Oklahoma, a person can be charged with APC if they are simply sitting inside of their car with a BAC higher than .08. Glover blew a .26 when the Valley Brook police asked him to step out of his car. They originally asked him to roll the window down but he claimed the window wasn't working, forcing him to keep the door open.