Drake and Jennifer Lopez Caught On Camera Grinding At Dance Party

Looks like things might be heating up between Drake and Jennifer Lopez. The two were caught on camera getting extra close as they grinded to the music at a dance party on Thursday night at the Winter Wonderland Prom in Las Vegas.

Even though there's been no confirmation that they are not actually dating, the two were seen laughing and smiling while rocking the dance floor. The crowd created a circle around Drake and J-Lo they briefly grinded to the beat of the music being played at the holiday bash.

Rumors first began to spread that there was a budding romance between Drake and Jennifer Lopez after he posted a photo of the two on Instagram earlier this month. The musicians were pictured sitting on a couch while Drake wrapped her up in a hug from behind. When sharing the photo on social media, Drake put a heart-eye emoji in the caption, which only led his followers to believe that love might be in the air for the celebrity musicians.

Lopez, 46, and Drake, 30, also hinted at a relationship earlier this month when he invited her to a private dinner party at West Hollywood’s Delilah’s on Monday, December 19.

Not only have the two been seen hanging out together recently, the "Hotline Bling" rapper has also made guest appearances at several of Lopez's recent concerts.

There's speculation that the two are not together given that they have announced their plans to collaborate in the studio for some new tunes. Whether or not Drake and J-Lo are together, it's clear to see that the two enjoy each other's company.


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While they appear completely smitten with one another, there’s one person who definitely does not seem happy about the rumored relationship, Rihanna. Drake's ex recently unfollowed Lopez on Instagram over the holiday weekend. There may be bad blood boiling between Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez, but in the past, the two women gushed about one another. Lopez said: “I’m a huge Rihanna fan….and I feel like she’s such a girl’s girl, which I love because I’m a girl’s girl and she seems very sweet.”

Do you think Jennifer Lopez and Drake would make a good couple?

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