Did The ‘New York Post’ Go Too Far With Their Jennifer Aniston Cover?

The New York Post put Jennifer Aniston front and center following the news that Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt.

The publication put a photo of Jennifer Aniston laughing hysterically on their front cover, implying that’s how the actress is responding to the predicament of her ex-husband.

Of course it’s been over a decade since Aniston and Pitt got divorced, but that’s not stopping the New York Post and the internet in general from posting myriad Aniston memes and reaction photos.

According to sources close to Aniston, “she always goto the sense that something would happen with them eventually.” One source even claimed Aniston responded to the news by saying, “Yeah, that’s karma for you.”

The internet has been abuzz since news first broke that Jolie and Pitt were getting divorced, with the hashtag #BrexPitt naturally taking over Twitter.

Pitt released an official statement shortly after the world learned of their predicament, saying that while he’s “very saddened by this,” he’s keeping his focus on “the well-being of our kids.”

It was later discovered that Pitt may have been cheating on Jolie with actress Marion Cotillard, news that learned after Jolie hired a private investigator to track Pitt’s moves.

Jolie’s father, Jon Voight, reacted to news of the divorce by saying he “doesn’t know much yet,” but plans on “speaking to her and the kids very soon.”

Pitt, on the other hand, reacted by claiming Jolie’s actions had “unleashed hell’ and put his children in danger.

Do you think the New York Post’s cover featuring Jennifer Aniston is over the line, or just part of the news cycle?

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