Blac Chyna's Lawyer Speaks Out On The Kardashians' Trademark Lawsuit

Blac Chyna's lawyer is speaking out about the Kardashian sisters trying to block the reality star's request to trademark her name as "Angela Renée Kardashian," and he was totally caught off guard by the lawsuit.

Walter Mosley, Chyna's attorney, was "shocked" to learn that Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney's companies were opposed to allowing Chyna to cash in on the family name. Mosley says, "this is the first one that's ever been opposed."

“The Kardashians, like Angela and my other clients are very protective of our marks, I think for us this is going to be a clear case win, because it’s actually her name, it’s not a poaching," Mosley said while talking to People magazine. "I would hope that this is just a junior lawyer’s error, who’s just responding to everything and not really looking at who it’s from or why it was filed. There’s a softer side of this where Angela has to have a conversation with her family. But until I hear otherwise, I’m just going to proceed as I normally would with a lawsuit. I have 40 days to respond."

Earlier this week, court documents revealed that the Kardashian sister feels that they will "suffer damage including irreparable injury to their reputation and goodwill," in the event that Chyna is allowed to use the Kardashian name and brand.

Mosley seems confident that Blac Chyna and the Kardashian sister's will be able to put this beef to rest, and that everything is "just a big understanding."

“I have to respond to the notice of opposition, so the way this works is we filed the mark, it was initially unopposed, it was published and then the representatives of the sisters’ companies filed an opposition to Angela owning her name," Mosley said. "Sure, it’s not her legal name now, but it is certainly her stage name — her next stage name and her legal name once the wedding is done. In the complaint they are not short or shy as to how they feel about Angela using the trademark. I’m hoping that it’s just a big misunderstanding but I’m just proceeding as if it’s not and am going to do the best work I can for my client.”

Even though Mosley will be facing tough opposition, he plans to "zealously represent" Blac Chyna in the case.

“I filed this trademark with the utmost confidence that it would not be opposed at all. I did not foresee this, but in retrospect maybe I could have, all things considered,” Mosley says, and adds, “I’m going to zealously represent my client in a trademark we legally filed and a name that we feel like we own and need to protect.”

Blac Chyna's future husband, Rob Kardashian, has yet to comment on the situation.

Do you think the Kardashians are right to try and block Blac Chyna from using their family name?

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