Azealia Banks Reveals Blood-Covered Room Where She Practices Witchcraft

Music has often been tied to the Devil, what with parents calling rock and roll the "Devil's music," rumors that playing an album backwards reveals a Satanic incantation, and bands using Satanic imagery in their cover art. Azealia Banks recently took to Instagram to show people she really puts her money where he mouth is when it comes to her ties to dark arts, revealing her room dedicated to "three years worth of brujería," which is a Spanish word for witchcraft.

WARNING: The below video is graphic in nature.

In the video, Banks shows off a room in her apartment that's covered in bloodstains, feathers, and other dark liquids, in addition to two dead chickens on the floor.

The rapper says, “The amount of crap that’s about to come off my floor right now guys? Oh my God,” while bragging, “You know I got to scrape all this s— up. I’ve got my sandblaster, and my goggles — it’s about to go down.”

In her own words, “Real witches do real things."

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The video doesn't reveal why Banks has been sacrificing chickens for three years, but considering her many successes, it's possible the rituals have been working.

PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange made a statement to PEOPLE about the video which read, “People are rightly horrified to learn that Azealia Banks reportedly has been slaughtering chickens in her closet for three years, and that she is apparently so out of touch with public sentiment that she bragged about it on social media." She added, "We also hope that Banks’ closet clean-up is a sign that she is planning to clean up her act, become a good witch, and stop the cruel and gruesome sacrifice of frightened animals.”

Banks has since taken down the video, possibly because she offended so many people or maybe she just regrets letting people in on her secrets.

Although this was the first video evidence of her practicing witchcraft, Banks has made her hobby no secret, revealing her practices in an interview with Broadly back in March.

During that interview, she says her interest in witchcraft came from her mother, admitting, "My mother practiced white table magic,” and adding, “Prayers for the ancestors and prayers for saints and cleansing and praying for all kinds of protection.”

This is only the most recent of many controversies the musician has found herself in, having previously gotten into conflicts with Russell Crowe, Zayn Malik, and Sarah Palin.


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