A Washington Man Fatally Shoots Ex-Girlfriend And Two Others At Party

Last June, Allen Christopher Ivanov, 20, went to a party and shot and killed three people, one of which was his ex-girlfriend. Ivanov was arrested shortly after the shooting and has recently been placed on trial. During his trial, he pleaded guilty to the murder of the three party goers.

Ivanov had purchased an AR-15-style rifle and went to a party in Mukilteo, Washington that he knew his ex-girlfriend was attending. When he arrived at the party, Ivanov killed Anna Bui – his ex – as well as Jordan Ebner and Jake Long. All three victims were only 19 years old.

allen ivanov
(Photo: Facebook / KING 5)

According to the plea, Ivanov pleaded guilty to three counts of aggravated first-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder for shooting at others who were attending the party. There are also speculations that Ivanov is also guilty of domestic abuse given how he reacted to Bui’s breaking up with him.

After the shooting, Ivanov was picked up by police about 100 miles away from the scene. Since then he has been waiting behind bars for his trial. While in jail, Ivanov wrote a series of rap lyrics that bragged about killing Bui. What’s more, the police found a six-page letter written before the shooting that talked about the couple’s breakup and Ivanov’s despair about it.

The decision to plead guilty to the charges comes a day before the prosecutor planned to announce whether or not the death penalty should be decided upon. The plea was given in hopes that Ivanov’s sentence would be limited to life in prison.

His sentencing will be held on January 12, 2017.


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