A Lock of David Bowie's Hair Is Being Put Up For Auction


A wig-maker saved a lock of David Bowie's hair and is now planning to auction it off. Wig-maker, Wendy Farrier, worked at Madame Tussauds during the 1980's and was tasked with cutting portions of the late singer's hair in order to help model-makers create a life-like waxwork, according to Mirror.

Farrier kept some of Bowie's hair after she had taken several different samples from his head. She pinned the lock of hair on her wall along with other memorabilia, as she was a huge fan of the music legend.

The golden lock of hair is expected to fetch at least $4000 when it goes up for auction, but could possibly go for tens of thousands.


Auctioneer Margaret Barrett stated, "We have sold a lot of celebrity hair in the past but never any of David Bowie's. This is pretty unique." She also mentioned, "It is difficult to predict how much it will go for but we recently sold some of John Lennon's hair, which was snipped from his head by his barber, for a huge sum."

That huge sum was in the amount of $35,000 for a lock of John Lennon's hair.


Some may speculate as to whether the strand of hair is real, but Margaret Barrett stated, "This woman worked with him and was a wig-maker who was specifically tasked to deal with his hair. She is very credible and this is a direct piece of David Bowie. It is basically a piece of his DNA."

Potential buyers can place their bids on the lock of Bowie's hair on the Heritage website prior to the sale, which will take place on June 25.